which is abrivation for "Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid", is a neurotransmitter located in the Central Nervous System (CNS), which is usually described as the body's own natural tranquilizer.

A specific group of these neurotransmitter acts as transport for memorys that is passing from the short-term area to the long-term memory. That's why a persons memory can be heavily influenced when under the influence of the drugs, medically and/or recreational, that interacts with GABA and the BZD-receptors that increases the effects of GABA and therefore affects the function including the overall well-being within the CNS as a whole, which unfortunately means basic function of practically your whole body.

This is why professor C. Heather Ashton, who lay the original foundation and did the first time ever-research, at all, about quiting abuse of BZD's and how to manage the severe kind of withdrawal-symptoms involved in the process, she heavily stresses the indispensable importance of taking the time to quit these kind of drugs very, very easy, only step-by-step and never more then one-step-at-the-time to slowly and very successively reduce the amount being used. In case of quiting too abruptly, you not only endanger your own well-being, including severe epileptic-seizures which also definitly is one serious, imminent risk.

My own personal experience is this; I had never gotten anything like serious cramps or even remotely close to a real Epileptic-seizure, but I had quit my BZ-use abruptly at least one time earlier, which was definitly a unusually, severe case of withdrawal-symptoms. It was some many years-ago, at the height of my substance abuse back then which for first time ever, heavily involved BZO-abuse for real.

The 'Medical Max Dosage/day' ("MMD/D") with Alprazolam (XANAX®is 6mg/a day for a maximum period of three months at the time, which you must know, I was a true 100% rookie within the BZ-use/abuse. I started out at low doses at first, but with time I had landed at a daily use of 24mg/day, so literally 4x times the recommended daily max dose... By the way, pointed out mainly for the record, I had absolutely no idea at all about recommended doses or even at least some 101 core-Basics within the Benzo-sphere of dependence, addiction or even the severe withdrawal syndroms. It's first now when I view my own actions in the rearview mirror, that I can truly see how unknowingly I was for real about what I was using and/or doing.

I should also mention that my main reason to start using BZs in the first place at all, was because to start with I got physically heavy-addicted to opioids and without BZD, I don't know if I would've managed quiting my abuse to begin with.

The GABA-receptors are divided as three subcategorys, where the first one is named GABAA, while second is then naturally called GABAand the last one called is GABAA-ρ.

GABA-receptorerna består av Bensodiazepiner interagerar med GABAA-receptorn, samma receptor påverkas även av alkohol, barbiturater och Z-analoger. GABA är en signalsubstans i det centrala nervsystemet, det kallas ofta för kroppens naturligt lugnande medel. En grupp signalsubstanser förflyttar närminnets registrering till långtidsminnet, GABA hör till den här gruppen signalsubstanser och därav är försämrat närminne en bieffekt av bensodiazepiner.

Gabapentin och Pregabalin är två substanser som särskiljer sig genom att interagera med GABAB-receptorn.





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