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Benzodiazepines (abbreviated as BZD / BZO) is a medical group of chemical drugs (Ataractics) which is being used mainly for it's core Anxiolytic, Muscle Relaxant, Hypnotic including Sedative properties. The In-House-Contributory Authors, who are responsible for this website, today consists of a team Voluntary Writers who are Officially stationed in Sweden and we write from personal experience and knowledge, repeatedly switching between a in-part globally and also partly from a Domestic Sweden-perspective. The Drug Policy of Sweden is based on a Zero Tolerance-approach to any kind of Recreational Drug Use and the whole Drug Trade overall. This kind of policy is not based on scientific evidence or logical reasons, since Swedish politicians is more then pleased with having a relatively low part of High-Schoolers who try Cannabis for the first time, but meanwhile we have a startling high number in cases involving abuse of Hard Drugs and we also have twice the number of Drug-Related deaths as for example, the Netherlands. Yes, the Swedish Drug Policy is a tragic story about laws based on Panic Morality and personal opinions about eachothers individual shape of interests, but that is already enough about things we can't decide or affect what is already happening.

So, over at the facts again, the Nr.1 single most prescribed BZO within U.S.A is Alprazolam, which is marketed by the global, American-based pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, under the infamous, medical flagship-brandname; XANAX® (Swe; Xanor®).
Within this kind of Pharmaceutical Market-perspective, the United States differs a great deal from Sweden, in every part from marketing to handling prescriptions, but it is definitly very different in-case-of a comparision between commonly used and prescribed benzos domestic overall. Not entirely, but in large part due to the single-one, most prescribed benzo in Sweden, actually is Oxazepam, which is marketed here in first-hand by Pfizer, under domestic trade name Sobril and is Commonly Called Globally (CCG); Serax but is also marketed as generics by other pharma companys, as example, another common domestic trade name within Sweden is Oxascand, a generic brand marketed here by the internal Swedish Section of another global pharmaceutical corporation, named TevaA dose of 0,5 - 1 mg Alprazolam is approximately Equivalent to 15 - 30 mg of Oxazepam. 

The BZD's was originally discovered as a mere coincidence by pharmaceutical scientist Leo Sternbach and his team stationed at the American, New Jersey-based section of the Swiss multinational, pharmaceutical company Hoffman-La Roche (abr. ROCHE), by year 1957, when the chemical compound, Chlordiazepoxide, was exposed to possess anxiolytic and depressing effects at the Central Nervous System (CNS), by interacting with the BZD-receptors, which then drastically increases the effects of GABAA out-of-proportion, to unnatural measures. 

 was already patented by 1959 and then marketing was already underway and at last the original trade name Librium was adapted. As soon as 1963 Diazepam was also patented and ROCHE launched the well-recognized and forever classic trade name, Valium, which was a more refined substance and 2.5 times more potent then it's predecessor, became an instant pharmaceutical success and is included at WHO's List of Essential Medicines.

These were the first two benzodiazepines launched in the pharmaceutical market, as of early 1960s. These two have since been followed by countless numbers of variations with each with different medical properties, all discovered by varying pharmaceutical companies around the world. For example, such as Lorazepam (Trade Name; Ativan) marketed by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, which also counts as one of the "classic" benzodiazepines, despite the fact not being originally discovered by ROCHE.

The Upjohn Company (later purchased by Pfizer) discovered and patented two BZOs, which is classified as sub-category Triazolobenzodiazepines. The two separate kind of benzos, one was as-of-today the world's nr.1 most prescribed benzo of all time, end-of-discussion, the definite classic among every short-acting kind of BZD and it was Alprazolam (Xanax), the second was Triazolam (Halcion), who both differs from the classical, basic 
1,4-benzodiazepine-Chemical Structure, by also including a Triazolo-ring, even in common with every remaining kind of the Triazolobenzo-subcategory.

The number of benzodiazepines which is not marketed domestic within Sweden, tre exempel rakt av är Etizolam
(Etizex/Etilaam - Japan, Indien, etc.), Bromazepam (Lexotan - EU; Tyskland bl.a.) och Lormetazepam (Noctamid).





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